When you attend a Gathering service at The Journey Community Church, we know you have questions about what you can expect. So let us ease your mind by hopefully answering some of the questions you have before you arrive! We want you to COME AS YOU ARE! God doesn't judge the outside appearance & neither do we, so dress however you're comfortable and enjoy your time with us!

From the moment you arrive in the parking lot, we have welcoming faces pointing the way for you to begin your Journey. We have designated parking for guests, single parents and senior adults. If it's raining, you can drop your carload off at the door and one of The Journey Community team members will walk you in from the parking lot with an umbrella.

Once inside, another Journey Community team member will point you towards free coffee or other drinks, donuts and fruit or to the children's area so you may get your children settled. We have childcare options during the service that range from birth through 6th grade. We take this time with your children seriously, so please plan to spend about 5-7 mins checking them in on your first visit. We have some secuirty questions we'd like for you to fill out so we can take as good of care of them as you would. From that point, you can relax knowing your children will be well taken care of!

Once the service begins, you can expect to be with us for about 75 mins. We'll honor your time by starting right at 10am and end by 11:10am. During the service, we'll ask you to fill out a connection card and drop it in the offering at the end of the service. This is all we ask from you as our guest. We're not asking you to give financially as a guest unless you feel led to do so, however, we do ask for your connection card so that way we can be a good host and follow up with you. We promise never to sell your information or to show up unexpected at your home unless you request us to come visit with you!

Finally, you DO NOT have to be a member of the YMCA to attend The Journey Community Church. The YMCA has graciously offered their building for us to gather in on a weekly basis. They are a wonderful partner with The Journey Community Church and we do everything we can to support each other. However, The Journey Community Church is open to anyone and everyone who wishes to attend, membership not required!

If you have any other questions before you join us, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask!